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6 recipes
Recipe Qahwah (Arab Coffee)

Qahwah (Arab Coffee)

Nothing defines Arab hospitality more than the offering and taking of coffee.Coffee is the main drink in the Arab world. Though the Ottoman Turks embraced and spread it throughout thier empire giving it the name "turkish coffee", it actually has its[...]
Recipe Mushroom Barley Soup

Mushroom Barley Soup

Who doesn't love soup?"We both have so much in common. We both love soup."Well, there you go. lolSoup really cures what ails you. When you have a cold, what could be better, more satisfying and nourishing than a bowl of mom's special chicken noodle[...]
Recipe Keep Smiling you are on youtube :) - Falafel in Pitta bread !

Keep Smiling you are on youtube :) - Falafel in Pitta bread !

Few months back it was my birthday and I received a card from my daughter's friend...she wrote a few lines in there.... "To Aunty Happy Birthday to you ! I hope you had an amazing Birthday ! Age is only a number so don't worry because to me you[...]

Nan-e Barbari (Persian Bread)

3 votes
Barbari or nan-e barbari is the second most common type of flatbread consumed in Iran followed by sangak, lavash, and taftun.It is believed to have been introduced by the Barbars,a group of people living in Afghanistan on the eastern border of[...]

Khoubz (Arab Flat Bread)

1 vote
Bread is considered a direct gift from God.Bread is held in such high regard in the Middle East that it is said that if a piece of bread is found lying on the floor, it is immediately picked up, a blessing i said, and put respectively on a[...]

JoongAng Daily and YouTube hangover soups

JoongAng Daily published a list of Korean hangover cure soups from all over South Korea. To help you make these yourself, I complied YouTube how-to videos on all the recipes mentioned in the article. The JoongAng recipes are only loose approximations[...]

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