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Garlic Podi Idly Fry

By Nithu's Kitchen

The one thing which I always like about idly is, we can make many dishes from it. Whatever we make with idly, it would definitely taste too good. This idly fry is the one which I loved to have anytime. I remember how mom used to make this so quick whenever we nag her for some evening snack. I used garlic idly podi here but you can as well use regular podi. I'l be posting the recipes for Idly podi and garlic idly podi very soon...


1. Idly - 4
2. Garlic Idly podi - 2 tsp
3. Oil - 10 tsp
4. Mustard - 1 tsp
5. Curry Leaf - Small qty


1. Mix 2 tsp of idly podi with 4 tsp of oil.
2. Now, either roll the idly over the podi or you gently spread the oil mixed podi over the idly. Keep them as such for atleast 10-15 minutes.
3. Then, cut them in to any desired shape.
4. In a pan add 1 tsp of oil and curry leaf. Fry well till the curry leaf becomes real crisp.
5. Keep it aside. Now, add remaining oil to pan and heat it.
6. Pop mustard, then add the idly pieces.
7. Keep in low heat, till the idly pieces became crisp.
8. Switch off the stove, crumble the crisp curry leaf and garnish over the idly fry.
9. Serve hot.

This goes to Daisy Blue's "Leftover Delicacies".

Monday, we have a wonderful guest. She is such a lovely blogger who is interested in organizing cookery events in her place. Let me catch you with her..Have a great weekend:-)

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By Nithu's Kitchen (Visit website)

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