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Kappa Puzhukku / Tapioca Curry

By Foodie Delights Bangalore - Life n Spice

                                                              Kappa puzhukku

Tapioca  The Cuisine of Kerala
Kappa ( Tapioca) is a stable food for Keralities. Kappa and fishy curry is great delicacy in Toddy shops in Kerala. Most of guys ravish the taste of Kappa from toddy shops, and I go envy.

In Andhra its known as  "Karrapendalam", the Kannadigas as "Kolli" and the Tamilians as "Maravallikezhangu". Of all states, Kerala tops in the consumption of tapioca in India.

History of Tapioca in Kerala
Tapioca or Cassava, is a tropical tuber crop from South America. It's said to have reached Indian shores during 16th century.

In Bangalore you can buy Tapioca from many of the Department stores run by Keralites. At Cambridge Layout, Banglore, I buy tapioca from Top N Town department store. Last week I bought 1 Kg kappa to make kappa (Marichinee/ Kizhangu)  puzhukku.

Preparation is kappa is very simple.First peal the outer cover of Kappa. Cut it into 1 inch size chunks and boil till soft (around 15 min) in sufficient water. When it become soft, stain the water.Your kappa is ready.

Ingredients for Kappa puzhukku
Tapioca - 2 cups/400gmsRed chillie- 4Turmeric powder- 1/4 tspCocount oil- 2 tbspGarlic- 4 podsJeera- 1/4 tspCurry leavesSalt to taste.This is how I made Kappa puzhukku
Cut tapioca into small pieces and add double the amount of waterCover it and cook for 5-10mts, till it is fully cookedStrain the water and smash the tapioca with a wooden spoonGrind chillie, turmeric, jeera and garlic to a fine paste.Add to the tapioca and boil for some time.Heat coconut oil in a pan and add little mustard, curry leaves and  1 red chilliePour this over the cooked tapiocaServe hot with meen curryKappayum Meenum ( Tapioca with Fish Curry )
You can take Kappa along with different side dishes. The most popular combination prefered by locals is   Fish curry, Beef or with Kanthari Mulaku Chammanthi or Bird?s eye Chilli Chutney. If you ask my choice, I would prefer fish curry.

So, if you haven't tried tapioca then why don't you try this tuber crop ( kappa) this weekend.


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By Foodie Delights Bangalore - Life n Spice (Visit website)

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