Homemade falafels

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Recipe type: Main Dish
Number of serving: 8 servings
Preparation time: 45 minutes
Cook time: 8 minutes
Ready in: 53 minutes
Difficulty: Easy


1 cup garbazo beans (soaked overnight)

1 medium onion chopped

3 cloves garlic minced

2 tablespoons cilantro chopped

2 tablespoons parsley chopped

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 – 1 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon baking powder

5 tablespoons flour

Tahini Sauce

1/2 cup tahini paste

1/2 cup water

jucie of two lemons

1-3 cloves of garlic

1/8 teaspoon of sea salt

Place all the ingredients for the tahini sauce in the food processor and process until smooth, it should be a thin sauce. If it becomes too thick add more water or if you really like the tang add more lemon juice.


Soak the garbanzo beans overnight -drain. In a food processor add all the other ingredients except the flour and process until crumbly. Pour into a large bowl, add the flour a a tablespoon at the time and mix well. Keep adding flour until you can easily form the mixture into balls or patties without them falling apart. Place in the refridgerator and allow to chill while you make the Tahini Sauce.

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