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Fish maw soup

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Fish Maw SoupRecipe type: Starter
Number of serving: 2 servings
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Ready in: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy
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Cooked crab meat 1/2 bowl
Fish maw 1 tube, soaked to soften and cut into fine strips
Young ginger 2 slices
Garlic 2 cloves
Chicken stock 2 bowls
Abalone Mid size, cut into strips

Salt to taste
Pepper dash
Chinese Rice wine 1tbsp

Tapioca starch

1. Heat oil in a hot wok. Stir fry garlic and ginger quickly until fragrant. Add crab meat and fish maw.
2. Add 1 tbsp of Chinese Rice Wine and stir fry crab meat and fish maw for a minute.
3. Add chicken stock and bring to boil.
4. Lower heat to simmer for 2 minutes. Remove the slices of ginger and garlic. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Mix one 1/2 tbsp of starch flour with 1tbsp of water. Add this a little at a time to the boiling soup and check for thickness. Do not over starch the soup.

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By Shirley@Kokken69 (Visit website)

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