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Bread with Sponge cake

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Recipe 50% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread (Sponge & Dough)

50% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread (Sponge & Dough)

After the previous yummy cream cheese bread , I was roaring to try out this 50% wholemeal recipe which I found on epicurious using the newly bought organic wholemeal flour! I attempt to make this with bare hands. Not exactly a big mistake[...]
Recipe Light Wholemeal Cream Cheese Bread (Sponge & Dough)

Light Wholemeal Cream Cheese Bread (Sponge & Dough)

I have taken the recipe from Rei . I like Sponge and Dough method cos it is a no-nonsense recipe which give predictably soft bread. Always. I have add in the method of kneading without using bread maker or electric mixer. Just my 2 good[...]
Recipe Lavender Blossom Sponge Bread

Lavender Blossom Sponge Bread

Sometimes when people asked me what I wanted to bake today!!! I'll have to answer them wait till I got that 'click'! The 'click' that always brings us surprises and curiosity. And I love it that way, so that we can always filled our lives with[...]
Recipe Sponge Bread

"Sponge" Bread

HH and I went garage saling Saturday morning, looking for ?things we can?t live without.? As we stopped and looked at one yard sale, we noticed a bunch of squash sitting, available. I asked the seller, ?how much for the zucchini?? ?They?re free,[...]
Recipe Pandan Spiral Loaf Bread/ Sponge Dough Method

Pandan Spiral Loaf Bread/ Sponge Dough Method

This method is inspired by pau making in ??? 3 ??? ?   cookbook. I?m using plain flour instead of bread flour for the sponge dough. The result is great too. The green colour is not really obvious in the loaf. I[...]
Recipe Pepper, Green Onion Buns/ Sponge Dough Method - Bread # 6

Pepper, Green Onion Buns/ Sponge Dough Method - Bread # 6

This recipe was inspired by ??? 3 ??? , ? ?? ( green onion pancake). I was attracted by the shape and filling inside these pancake. Although it was a pancake it used bread flour in the recipe. I consider them as bread.[...]
Recipe Adventures in Sourdough; Chapter One - The ?Mother Sponge?

Adventures in Sourdough; Chapter One - The ?Mother Sponge?

1 vote
I mean, who doesn’t like fresh bread right? If you are into food - eating it, cooking it, growing it, or reading about it, you cannot deny the power of a warm slice of fresh bread. Its an elemental pleasure for us humans, undoubtedly[...]
Recipe Poolish Sponge

Poolish Sponge

Poolish Sponge One of the best bread book i have is now is The Bread bakers Apprentice and this poolish starter is used to make different variety of bread, so I thought I will write the recipe in a totally different post. I mostly half the[...]
Recipe Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread

Bought a five pound bag of King Arthur Whole Wheat flour last week and have made one of their recipes from the back of the container, it is called No-Knead 100% Whole Wheat Bread and this is an amazing bread indeed.  It has orange juice and[...]
Recipe Sponge Dosa

Sponge Dosa

Ingredients: Rice - 3 cups Fenugreek Seeds - 3 tbsps Sour Butter Milk - 5 cups Green Chillies - 8 Beaten Rice - 4 tbsps Salt to taste Cooking Soda powder - 1/2 tsp Oil for roasting dosa Method: Wash rice and fenugreek seeds and soak in[...]

Announcing Bread Baking Day #37 - Bread made with Sponge / Pre-ferment

I will be hosting Bread Baking Day #37 for the month of Febraury. I was excited when Zorra of Kochtopf said I could host it this month. Thanks Zorra for a wonderful opportunity. Deadline for this event is 1st of March 2011. Roundup will be posted[...]

Adventures in Molecular Gastronomy: Vegan, Low-Calorie Sponge Cake

Today has just not been a good day for cooking (or in general, for that matter). I blame the fact that I didn’t wake up until 2PM. And I mean wake up–not “get out of bed”, not “finish my morning routine”, not[...]

Strawberry Tea Loaf Topped With Carrot Chiffon

Strawberry Tea Loaf Carrot Chiffon 65 g Milk 40 g Sweetened condensed milk angiesrecipes 85 g Tangzhong Starter - Water Roux Starter via Starch Gelatinization 40 g Egg, beaten 22 g Butter, unsalted 3 g Salt[...]

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