Bread with Sponge cake 4 recipes

Recipe Lavender blossom sponge bread

Lavender blossom sponge bread

OtherVery Easy15 minutes65 minutes
Ingredients: (A) - 4 egg yolk - 1/4 cup Lavender sugar/sugar - 1/2 cup superfine flour - 3 tablespoons oil - 40 ml milk - a dash of dried lavenders (B) - 4 egg ...
Recipe Sponge dosa

Sponge dosa

OtherVery Easy10 minutes10 minutes
Ingredients: - Rice - 3 cups - Fenugreek Seeds - 3 tablespoons - Sour Butter Milk - 5 cups - Green Chillies - 8 - Beaten Rice - 4 tablespoons - Salt to taste - Coo...
Recipe Pandan Spiral Loaf Bread/ Sponge Dough Method

Pandan Spiral Loaf Bread/ Sponge Dough Method

This method is inspired by pau making in ??? 3 ??? ? cookbook. I?m using plain flour instead of bread flour for the sponge dough. The result is great too. The green colour is not really obvious in the loaf. I should add little bit more essenc
Recipe Sponge Bread

"Sponge" Bread

HH and I went garage saling Saturday morning, looking for ?things we can?t live without.? As we stopped and looked at one yard sale, we noticed a bunch of squash sitting, available. I asked the seller, ?how much for the zucchini?? ?They?re free, please ta

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