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Chocolate Coated Polvoron

By A Mother's Home Journal
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One day I got a craving for Polvoron. I don't usually crave for it but what I had in mind was something else, chocolate coated polvoron. I made the Polvoron using my ever favorite Polvoron Espesyal recipe.

Now came the challenging part, melting the chocolate bar for the coating. Melting chocolate was never my friend. I had several attempts to melt/temper chocolates in the past and all (as far as I can remember), ALL of the attempts failed. Not learning from past mistakes, I took the risk (not the time to do research first) and just went ahead, chopped some chocolates and put them on double boiler. The result, I ended up making a chocolate ganache because I couldn't get the chocolate into a dipping consistency. That's when I asked friends how they melt their chocolates and the gates of wisdom opened right before me. There is a simple way to melt chocolate and that is to microwave it. I read more on this method and finally, for the first time, I rejoiced. I got it just perfectly right.

I would never melt chocolate again using any other method but this:

Coarsely chop chocolate and put in a microwaveable bowl. Microwave at 50% power for 30 seconds and stir. If chocolate is not fully melted yet, microwave for another 20 seconds and stir. Never allow even a tiny drop of water comes into contact with the chocolate or it will sizzle and do not overheat the chocolate. I've thrown (into my mouth and my son's) a batch when I forgot to time it.
To easily coat the polvoron with melted chocolate and to cut the risk of it crumbling down, I freeze it for a few minutes then transfer to the refrigerator working with 5 pieces at a time. Supposedly, the polvoron is to be dipped in the melted chocolate but afer having tried a few pieces I noticed that some crumbs are left on the chocolate. I found two ways of coating that works really well.

1. Put some waxed paper (shiny side up) on a jelly roll pan and put a cooling rack on top. Put the polvoron on the rack and pour the melted chocolate on it allowing the chocolate to dip on the side. Note, this works well while the chocolate is still very soft, you may need to constantly reheat the chocolate if it starts to thicken.

2, Coat them using the "icing" method. Using a small metal spatula, I iced them with melted chocolate. It's less messy though a little time consuming. I prefer to do it this way.

There it goes. Enjoy your chocolate coated polvoron. If you are lazy to do them, you can always order from me LOL! Yes, I do sell them but I don't ship them.

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