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Konkan Region Prawn Curry Recipe

By Akshaypatre Recipes

 Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

Mangalore, Coastal Konkan Region and Goa has its own distinct unique cuisine. Fish/ Prawn curry with rice is staple diet for most Konkan Region people.

This prawn curry recipe is the original recipe used in Konkan Region. This prawn curry is a dish I often prepare because it is delicious, spicy and having lots of flavours. This very popular South Indian curry can be prepared quickly using very less oil.

Use of byadagi chilli and red round chilli in fish/ prawn curry is common in Mangalore, Goa and Konkan region. Byadagi chilli is deep red and less spicy.

It is less pungent than other chilli varieties. It is widely used in South Indian cuisine. Combination of red round chilli and byadagi chilli gives a unique flavour and taste to the fish/ prawn curry. You will find most unique and interesting prawn curry recipe here.

   Ingredients :


   For the masala :


   Medium size white prawns : 25 (or 15 tiger prawns)
   Red chiilies 12 : ( Byadagi Chillies)
   Round red chillies 6 : (Boria chillies)
   Grated  coconut  :  3 cups
   Coriander seeds  : 3 tsp.
   Roasted methi or fenugreek seeds : 6 

   Mustard seeds : 3/4 tsp
   One small size onion
   Garlic : 9 cloves

   Green chilli : 1
   Raw mango  : 1 peeled and cut in to cubes

   Oil, water

   Salt to taste.
   For the marinade :
    1  Shell the prawns and remove the dark digestive vein.
    2. Wash the prawns in cold water and drain them.   
    3. Marinate prawns with 1 finally chopped medium size onion,
        2 tsp oil and salt.

   Making  the curry:

Grind all the ingredients except onion and garlic  into fine paste.
Add garlic and onion in the last round.
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan, add green chiili.
Add all the  ground ingredients to the above.
Also add 1 cup water and salt. Bring it to boil.
There should be a slightly thin gravy.
Add marinated prawns, bring it to boil.
Now add raw mango pieces, and cook till tender.
Remove from fire and serve hot.
It goes well with Rice, Roti, Chapati, rice bhakri and paratha.



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By Akshaypatre Recipes (Visit website)

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