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Mango Nut Bread

By Chef In You

Mango and Macadamia Bread Recipe

I am seeing Mangoes everywhere. I love them and the memories of my growing up days abound. The times when I used to sit around in the backyard of my grandma’s house, sucking those ripe and luscious mangoes..aah Bliss! They seem like just yesterday yet I am painfully made to aware of how long back they were. Anyways, after enjoying them, I got this baking bug with the remaining ones. And whenever it comes to baking, my first thoughts always go to making breads first. Then comes muffins, pies, or whatever else baking fairy blesses me with!

Mango and Macadamia Bread Recipe

The bits of mangoes dotting the bread and the slight crunch of nuts makes this one of my favorite breads. I can’t for the life of me figure out the source of this recipe. I recall noting it down from a magazine but cannot recall which one. You can easily make this eggless by increasing the qty. of oil in the recipe. If you want to cut down the additional fat, use mango puree instead. Just blend few mango pieces in a blender and use it instead of egg whites.You can use either walnuts or macadamia and since I had the latter, I used it. I also modified the recipe slightly to suit my pantry needs.

Mango and Macadamia Bread Recipe

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