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Nigella Lawson

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Recipe Nigella's old fashioned chocolate cake

Nigella's old fashioned chocolate cake

4 votes
DessertVery Easy
20 minutes50 minutes
Ingredients: For Cake - 200g plain flour - 200g caster sugar - 1 teaspoon baking powder - 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda - 40g best-quality cocoa - 175g so...
Recipe Nigella lawson's chocolate rice pudding

Nigella lawson's chocolate rice pudding

4 votes
10 minutes1 hour
Ingredients: 3 heaped tablespoons of cocoa 1 litre of milk: I used semi - skimmed milk 1 sachet of vanilla sugar ( this is 10gr ) 100 gr of caster sugar 125 gr...
Recipe Nigella Lawson's Perfect Every Time Lemon Drizzle Cake

Nigella Lawson's Perfect Every Time Lemon Drizzle Cake

32 votes
This is one of my favourite cake recipes, it is perfect every time and everyone who tries this cake raves about it. This Lemon Drizzle Cake is a brilliant cake to have in the house when people pop over for a cup of tea, its[...]
Recipe A beautiful chocolate cake for Easter

A beautiful chocolate cake for Easter

1 vote
In Nigella Bites there is a fabulous recipe for a Chocolate Cloud Cake , the recipe, if you are interested can be found on . The cake is beautifully light and fluffy, it's deeply chocolaty thanks to the load of pure, flowing,[...]
Recipe Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Biscuits

Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Biscuits

1 vote
First up : I need to apologise for being away so long!! It's simply not right! I have my university exams coming up in 2 weeks time, and I've been studying hard for it! That's the reason I've been MIA around Twitter, Facebook, and the[...]
Recipe Nigella Lawson's Moonblush Tomatoes

Nigella Lawson's Moonblush Tomatoes

1 vote
What can I say about Nigella? Domestic goddess indeed! So apparently, placing tomatoes in a very hot oven, turning it off and leaving them overnight gives 'moon' blush tomatoes. These are simply gorgeous served as a sides with your meat or[...]
Recipe Spring lamb making a summery salad

Spring lamb making a summery salad

1 vote
After a rather indulgent meal yesterday, using a whole tub of (albeit 'lite') cream, I felt the best plan of action for today's meal was a slightly healthier angle.  In spite of the fact Nigella Lawson is well-known for indulgently decadent[...]
Recipe Nigella?s Party Chicken

Nigella?s Party Chicken

1 vote
Believe me when I say that this post will make a lot of men happy. When my husband bought me Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities yesterday, I wasn't sure if he was buying me a present or succumbing to his own needs with this[...]
Recipe Salmon starter as a lunch

Salmon starter as a lunch

1 vote
There are so many recipes that I adore in Nigella Lawson's books. Right up there though, in the top five (and perhaps one day I will try to do a top ten, not today) is a recipe I struggle to find others willing to share with me. I suppose raw[...]
Recipe Nigella?s Coca Cola Ham

Nigella?s Coca Cola Ham

1 vote
We hosted a big family Thanksgiving get-together tonight – with a grand total of 13 adults, 3 children and 1 infant – so I had to cook up quite a storm between last night and this evening, and I am pooped! Last night I made[...]
Recipe Nigella's Everyday Brownies

Nigella's Everyday Brownies

2 votes
I have been on a cookbook binge lately. This time I have Nigella's Kitchen which has an amazing collection of recipes. I opted for her everyday brownies which were really easy to make. They were deliciously moist and gooey with a slightly[...]
Recipe Nigella style mikan cakes

Nigella style mikan cakes

1 vote
It’s a simplified version of Nigella Lawson ‘s clementine cake I had only 1 egg left and boiling 1 mikan orange that long… I took the quick way, and as usual less sugar. 1 big mikan orange, brushed, rinsed and[...]
Recipe Two ways with squid

Two ways with squid

1 vote
Two ways with fish a few nights ago, now it's two ways with squid! Nigella Lawson must love squid as much as I do. There are quite a few wonderful recipes for it from Nigella. Usually Nigella favours the sweet baby squid, but generally the only[...]
Recipe Week 51 - Devils Food Cake

Week 51 - Devils Food Cake

1 vote
Happy new year everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend & are looking forward to 2011. It seems a bit strange that as most people seem to be talking about fresh new challenges for the year ahead & new years resolutions, I'm about to[...]
Recipe Nigella Lawson's Chocolate chocolate chip muffins

Nigella Lawson's Chocolate chocolate chip muffins

1 vote
I love her recipes because they are always never-let-you- down recipes Its been a while since I baked  something.I was planning to bake something with nutella ,since a jar is just in my pantry being consumed by me a spoonful a day[...]

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