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Fried tofu with sliced cucumbers

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Simple yet yummy

Fried Tofu with Sliced CucumbersRecipe type: Starter
Number of serving: 2 servings
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Ready in: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy

Tofu ( the same type you see in Miso soup, I can get really fresh ones at the Mount Erskine Market in Penang)
Japanese Cucumber ( I used the normal cucumber, removed the seeds and sliced it thinly)
Thai Dipping Sauce

Step 1: Cut tofu block into bite size pieces.

Step 2: Deep fry the tofu until the outer layer is crispy.

Step 3: Add sliced cucumber onto the surface of tofu.

Step 4: Serve hot with Thai dipping sauce.

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By benjisgulpfiction (Visit website)

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