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Tacos with rice

15 recipes


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Recipe Mini pulled pork tacos

Mini pulled pork tacos

1 vote
30 minutes24 hours
Ingredients: 1 bone-in pork shoulder 1 onion, cut into thin slices for Char Siu Sauce: 2/3 cup hoison sauce 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup agave nectar 1/2 cup soy sauce 1...
Recipe Portabello and Pasilla Tacos with Lime Rice

Portabello and Pasilla Tacos with Lime Rice

1 vote
I love Rubio's Mexican Grill; my favorite thing to order there is the shrimp burrito. It's so creamy and shrimpy and tasty, but now that restaurants are providing nutritional information, I've been informed that it is over 700 calories. SEVEN HUNDRED[...]
Recipe Taco Rice and Beans

Taco Rice and Beans

1 vote
I think I must be craving Mexican food. First there was the Touchdown Taco Dip and then the Taco Soup and now this... Taco Rice and Beans. Yum! Again, it has nothing to do with the fact that I can plop a big blop of sour cream on this[...]
Recipe Taco Rice

Taco Rice

  This comes from my mother in law-- we pretty much love it and it makes amazing leftover! Ingredients: - 1 lb ground beef - 1 medium onion finely chopped - 1 chopped bell pepper (green, red or mix) - 1/2 cup rice - 1 pkg Taco[...]
Recipe Rice and Beans Taco

Rice and Beans Taco

  Since giving up meat, I came to a realization that I like being a vegetarian and I never knew how easy it was not to eat meat. I haven't craved meat nor do I want to eat it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a meat eater and I gawk whenever I see[...]
Recipe Fast Taco Rice

Fast Taco Rice

Middle of the week fast meal here it comes! I think sometimes I get a little too caught up in trying to make things too gourmet. I do. I think it's the chef in me, but sometimes I am reminded by the non-chef husband and children that simple-silly[...]
Recipe Sesame Chicken Lettuce Wrap Tacos With Sticky Rice.

Sesame Chicken Lettuce Wrap Tacos With Sticky Rice.

Here’s a simple way to enjoy Lettuce Wrap Tacos – We marinated Chicken Thighs in our favorite bottled  Sesame Dressing by Feast from the East for a day, then grilled them on the BBQ.  The flavor turns out delicious and sweet.[...]
Recipe Okinawan Takoraisu (Taco Rice)

Okinawan Takoraisu (Taco Rice)

Have you voted yet today? You can vote once every day between now and December 31st! Help me win the title of favorite Crescent Cook and be entered for the chance to win $5,000! (See more voting details at[...]
Recipe Vegan Beef Ground Tacos & Spanish Brown Rice

Vegan Beef Ground Tacos & Spanish Brown Rice

I LOVE Tacos! And they have a wide range of different vegan grounds. I used a Trader Joe's taco seasoning packet, it just requires a can of tomato sauce. I didn't have any lettuce in the fridge, just a bag of fresh shredded cabbage. I always have[...]
Recipe Chicken Taco Rice

Chicken Taco Rice

Chicken. Taco. Rice. Yum! Yum!! Yum!!! You could eat it on a plate. You could make it for a date. You could eat it here or there. You could eat it anywhere... UMMMM . I think I have been listening to Sophie read to much Dr. Seuss![...]
Recipe Taco Rice Bento (572)

Taco Rice Bento (572)

Every year for the last few years, I wake up one morning and think to myself, “Oh crap, I forgot about Girl’s Day!!” I usually make a mad dash down to Shirokiya and buy a card and some mochi, slapping myself on the face for[...]
Recipe Betty's Spanish Rice Ole! Recipe

Betty's Spanish Rice Ole! Recipe

bettyskitchen wrote: ingredients thoroughly. When everything is completly combined, return the mixture to the cooktop, and heat, just until your Spanish Rice Ole! is warm and ready to serve. This dish is delicious with any Mexican meal--or even[...]
Recipe Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

For years I've been making the instant Mexican rice in a bag to serve on the nights we do taco bar.  Lately I've stopped buying it though. It's not cheap to buy the flavored rice like that and have you ever looked at the sodium content in[...]
Recipe Rice. Beans. Love!

Rice. Beans. Love!

  The arrival of a good, cheap Mexican joint in Paris will probably hardly elicit a stir from many of you. But for those like me who are fellow lovers of Mexican or Tex-Mex food and are expatriated outside of the U.S., then I'm sure[...]
Recipe Vegan Slow Cooker Bean and Rice Soup Recipe

Vegan Slow Cooker Bean and Rice Soup Recipe

Day 74.'s like a taco, but it's soup. Slurp. I served it with homemade sourdough, but it would be excellent with tortillas or tortilla chips, also. I <3 Taco Tuesday. Bean and Rice Soup Adapted from Bean and Rice Soup .[...]

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