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Traditional Tiramisu Made Low Carb

By Sugar-Free Low Carb Recipes

Low Carb TiramisuLow Carb Tiramisu

Everyone has a favorite dessert. Mine happens to be tiramisu. I was first introduced to this Italian dessert after my sister came back from a trip to England. She raved about a dessert she had over there made with lady fingers and custard. I was dying to try it so we managed to find a recipe. This was back before the internet was readily available in homes so it wasn’t that easy to get information. We also couldn’t get our hands on the mascarpone cheese so we made a substitute with cream cheese, sour cream and heavy cream. It was love at first bite!

Tiramisu Almond CakeTiramisu Almond Cake

Other than the lady fingers and sugar, tiramisu is relatively low carb. The low carb cake recipe I used is based on a recipe by Karen Barnaby. It is a very light and spongy cake made with almond flour. Very strong coffee or espresso is needed when making tiramisu. I like to use espresso with a little spiced rum added. I have an Aerobie AeroPress which is an inexpensive manual coffee maker that also does espresso. The custard that I used is based on a traditional tiramisu recipe that I’ve had for years.

Low Carb Traditional TiramisuLow Carb Traditional Tiramisu

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