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Bacon madness and bacon wrapped shrimp!

By Savory Tv | Delicious chef recipes, videos, and culinary tips

Appetizer heaven! Our video today from Taste Tv features Chef Greggory Hill preparing bacon wrapped shrimp with 4 different sauces and garnishes. He uses applewood smoked bacon, and recommends using a bacon sliced thin enough so that it will cook through without overcooking the shrimp. After wrapping the shrimp, there are two ways to cook them: 1) Sear for approximately 90 seconds on each side in a cast iron pan, and finish in the oven at 350, or 2) Cook them in the oven at 350 for about 8-10 minutes. Get creative with the serving options and create a mini work of art!

Here’s an afterthought: bacon has hit the big time lately, achieving hipster status. Bacon bourbons and vodka, bacon ice cream, bacon popcorn, and even bacon bloggers, are just a few of the bacon candidates adoring the spotlight. Dan Phillips, CEO of the Bacon of the Month Club, says “Bacon is the chocolate of the new millennium”. We all agree that bacon is delicious, but, what do you think of this bacon bonanza? Overplayed or well deserved? Let us know in the comments!


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By Savory Tv | Delicious chef recipes, videos, and culinary tips (Visit website)

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