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Chocolate filled Buns

By A little bit of everything

During Lent many people try to give up sweets. Some just chocolate. Others, like me, try to give up chocolate for good. 
 I've been telling you a while back that I haven't eaten chocolate for some time and trying hard to stay away from it. 
Looking at these buns, clearly I can't be trusted. I gave in. Had to had some chocolate. I should be sleeping on the treadmill. 

And if the chocolate inside wasn't enough, I drizzled some on top. There's never too much chocolate, is it? 
I loved every bite of these buns. The recipe is easy and the it rises so quickly.
In my opinion, if you follow the recipe you should divide the dough into 16 or even 20 balls. This time I made 12 but I found them a little too big after baking. 
There's something else left out in the recipe : how to stop eating them !!! they're addictive 

To get the recipe for these heavenly delicious buns with stunning photos you have to go to Sandra's blog.
Sweet Rolls filled with ChocolateI started reading Sandra's blog few months ago. Her amazing photos, her sense of humor and the family meals make me go back every time I receive an email she posted something new. If you have never visited Sandra's blog take my advice and have some tissues handy, you'll need them to wipe your chin after all that drooling. Look at these  Sweet Potatoes Phyllo Cups she made for Mardi Gras or the Oscar inspired menu  You can follow Sandra on Twitter, Facebook or FoodbuzzThank you Monet, Carolyn, Wendy, Elisabeth  Lora   Alisha  Sara   Kate  Claudia     Nancy    Gina    Dionne

  Andreea   Sandra Thank you everyone for visiting. Hope you'll have a wonderful sunny weekend.  As usual, RoxanaThank you for your vote!!!    My friend Monet from Anecdotes and Apples,  has suffered a family tragedy.  Her oldest sister and her family were in a terrible accident, her nephew passed away, and her sister and brother in law are in critical condition. If you haven't already, please reach out to Monet and her family, and send her love, prayers, and support.  She needs all of us more than ever Linking it to YeastSpotting 

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By A little bit of everything (Visit website)

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