Cinnamon Walnut Bread: Hokkaido Milky Loaf's Recipe (Gelatinized Dough Method)

By Awayofmind

I was getting lazier to write the post, baked lot of breads and cakes but kept all in my hard drive.? Emotionally is very down, all the thing changes because of one person, the motivation and the self value...where are they? How come someone can be so selfish to distroy the harmony that I'm trying to build... If this is his intention, then I should be strong to fight the devil in him. There is no love in jelousy, dear. You shouldn't jelous on what I'm doing and enjoy. You should be proud of me and share the joy. Please, open your heart and ask God to strengthen us. 
This is not the right timing to introduce this beautiful bread but I sincerely wanted to give thanks to Angie from Angie's Recipes and Vivian from Vivian Pang Kitchen for sharing this beautiful Hokkaido Milky Loaf's recipe, I turned them into cinnamon walnut bread.

This was a very sticky dough because of the whipping cream used. I added some olive oil to make it more workable. Eventually was able to knead it into a elastic film dough.

Recipe adapted from Angie's Recipes and Vivian Pang Kitchen
50g whipping cream
1 egg
pinch of salt
55g sugar
30g milk powder
300g bread flour
50g rye flour
7g dry instant yeast
30ml milk
120g Gelatinized dough
30g unsalted butter
20ml olive oil 

Ingredients for filling: brown sugar, walnuts, cinnamon

Bake at 180C for 40 mins.

By Awayofmind

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