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Apple pancakes with zesty vanilla whip and maple syrup

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Apple Pancakes with Zesty Vanilla Whip and Maple SyrupRecipe type: Dessert
Number of serving: 4 servings
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Ready in: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy


# 1 glass of self raising flour
# 3/4 glass of full fat milk (or a little more if needed)
# 3 soup spoons and one tea spoon of sugar
# 1 heaped tea spoon of baking powder
# 1/2 glass of whipping cream
# 1/2 of a lemon zest
# 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence
# 4 soup spoons of vegetable oil
# 1 egg
# 1 apple (skinless and cut into quarters, then finely slice all the quarters)
# Maple Syrup (to taste)

In a bowl put the flour and the baking powder and the 3 soup spoons of sugar, and with the aid of a whisk, mix both very well. Now make a well in the flour and place the egg in there as well as the vegetable oil, start whisking from the centre outwards and as it gets thick start adding the milk little by little and whisking until is all incorporated, it should have the consistency of runny yoghurt. Now pour the thinly sliced apple into that and give it one stir, cover it with a cloth and let it rest around 10 minutes.

Mean while put a non stick frying pan on the stove with the flame just above minimum, and let it heat do this about 4 minutes before the end of the dough rest period. Meanwhile in another bowl put the cream there and start whipping it and when is almost at its peak add the vanilla, lemon zest and sugar, bet remaining to peak and your cream is done.

Now on the preheated frying pan, if this one is large enough like 26-28" you should be able to make 3 pancakes at each time, two soup spoons of dough for each pancake and once these are golden brown on one side turn them over. Always check that they are fully cooked through, that is why pan can't be too hot or it will cook the outside with still runny dough on the inside.

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5 / 5

Super light and tasty pancakes, amazingly sweet without loads of sugar, and they picture perfect, surely a dish to be commented.

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