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Coconut cookies (eggless)

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These coconut cookies are very simple, easy to prepare and perfect treat for coconut lovers!

Coconut Cookies (Eggless)Recipe type: Dessert
Number of serving: 5 servings
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Ready in: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

yields 12 - 15 cookies:

All purpose flour – 1 cup
Desiccated coconut (dried)/coconut powder – 1 cup
Sugar – 1cup (powdered)
Oil – 3/4 cup
Baking soda – a pinch

Preheat oven to 180 deg. C.

In mixing bowl combine flour, dessicated coconut (dried), powdered sugar and baking soda.

Add oil and mix to make soft dough (don’t add oil completely at a time; add little and keep adding more as you mix)

Make balls with your hands and place onto greased baking tray. Press gently with fingers to desired shape.

Bake at 180 deg. C for 7 to 12 minutes, in the preheated oven.

Cool and serve.

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By poornimaporchelvan (Visit website)

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