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Fishball Noodles

By Mrs Multitasker
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Last week was a loooong week. Many meetings and lots of paperwork during the work week, a very busy Saturday, and a whole day of flea-marketing on Sunday at the Fashbash Flea Market & Car Boot Sale.

And what a disappointment that day turned out to be! What I had thought would have been our best and most lucrative flea market experience ever turned out to be the absolute worst on all counts! For a start, the flow of shoppers could hardly be called a flow – more like a trickle. I think most people who came by St James Power Station were there for Fashbash proper and not for the car boot sale. So we hardly made any money at all!

Second, because it was a car boot sale, we were exposed to the elements the entire time (this was new for us since we didn’t have this problem at Crossroads and Tanglin Mall). Which meant scrambling to cover up our wares during a sudden 15-minute drizzle early in the day, and then trying hard not to pass out from the heat the rest of the time. Third, we got the most absurd clothing rack that crashed to the ground three times (and was all cracked around the corners).

What a day!

Here’s a pic of our little space at the start of the sale. Still some semblance of order…

And here’s a pic of me weak from the sun exposure toward the later part of the day, and almost keeling over my stuff. All semblance of order now history…

When I got home my brain was pretty fried and I couldn’t think to make dinner, so we ended up calling in pizza. I felt a little better this morning after a good night’s rest but definitely still recuperating from yesterday’s heat fatigue, so I wanted to make something light and comforting for dinner tonight. And since I had a pack of my husband’s favorite Fuzhou fishballs (these are the ones with minced meat on the inside) in the refrigerator, I decided on good ol’ Fishball Noodles.

This is a great recipe to keep in your back pocket for those days when you’re just feeling blah and want to make something quick and soothing to the soul. Or when you need to feed your hungry brood and want something enjoyed by children and adults alike. I’m sure many of you have similar or better Fishball Noodle recipes, so my dear readers if you have any interesting variations to share, please do!

Meanwhile, here’s my take on this Asian classic.

Fishball Noodles
Ingredients (serves 2):

- 200g noodles (You can use vermicelli, yellow noodles, whatever you like really – I used a pack of egg noodles I found at Giant. Very good stuff!)

- 4 tsp Maggi concentrated chicken stock

- 700ml water

- 1-2 tsp corn flour

- 1-2 tsp cooking oil

- 2 tsp garlic

- Salt and pepper to taste

- 6-8 fishballs / Fuzhou fishballs

- Cai xin (choy sum) (The quantity is really up to you. I used quite a lot – half the packet I got from Giant – because I think we don’t eat enough greens.)

- Fried shallots and/or chives for garnish


1) Cook your noodles of choice according to the package directions. Drain and set aside.

2) To make the soup base, mix chicken stock,water and corn flour in a large bowl. Set aside.

3) Heat cooking oil in a medium pot. Fry garlic over medium heat for a minute or two till mostly brown. Pour in the chicken stock soup base. Add salt and pepper to taste. Bring to the boil.

4) Throw the fishballs into the soup and cook for two minutes. Then add the cai xin and cook for another two minutes.

5) Remove soup from heat. Spoon fishballs and veggie over the noodles. Then pour the soup over the whole lot. Garnish with fried shallots and/or chives.

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By Mrs Multitasker (Visit website)

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