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Gajar Ka Halwa

By in vogue at home

I didn?t have anything to do on the last Saturday afternoon (a Sunday afternoon equivalent in the Middle East) and decided to make something sweet. This dish is so easy to make, plus I had some Khoya left over from making Phirni and wanted to finish it. I still have some more left over and will have to hunt down recipes to use them. If you have some recipes using khoya, please do let me know, i would love to try them. :)

I came across the recipe to make Loki (Gourd) halwa as part of a shahi cooking show. Forget making RJ eat it even I don?t like Loki, so I decided I?ll just be a plain jane n? try Gajar Ka Halwa. I used the recipe from my Nita Mehta's cookbook. Honestly, this one caught me by surprise. I didn?t think it would taste this nice, maybe it was coz of how fresh the carrots were. Anyways, do try it?


1. Carrot: ½ kg (shredded)
2. Milk: 1 cup
3. Sugar: ¼ cup (I used brown sugar instead n? hence had used ½ cup)
4. Ghee: 2tbsp
5. Almonds: 5-6 (shredded)
6. Raisins: 10 (I didn?t add them)
7. Cardamom: 3-4 (powdered)
8. Khoya: 100gms (grated)


Step 1: Boil one cup milk in a clean kadai/wok.

Step 2: Add grated carrots and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, till milk dries.

Step 3: Add the almonds and raisins. Stir for a minute or so.

Step 4: Add sugar. Cook till the mixture turns dry again. (I didn?t dry it completely as I thought it might be nice to leave it a little wet n? gooey)

Step 5: Add ghee and stir it for another 10minutes on low flame.

Step 6: Add the grated khoya and mix well.

This can be served hot or cold.

I'm sending this for the event Left Over Delicacies hosted by Daisy Blue of Spicy Lounge as i have used the left over khoya from making Phirni...:)

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By in vogue at home (Visit website)

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