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Goober Burger

By Tried-and-True cooking with Heidi
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I'm sure many of you have never heard of a Goober Burger. Yes, that's peanut butter melted over the hamburger... doesn't it look tasty? I'm sure you're thinking to yourself that I'm insane. If you're familiar with the Sedalia, Missouri landmark called The Wheel-In, then you aren't one bit surprised by this Goober Burger, you've probably enjoyed one yourself! The Wheel-Inn was a popular drive-inn build in the 1940's. It has recently been moved due to highway expansion. The new restaurant isn't a drive-inn, but it still features this popular burger. I grew up enjoying these burgers, so it's nothing out of the ordinary for me. I find nothing appalling about peanut butter on a hamburger simply because I have eaten it, and man it's GOOD! You must at least try this once before passing judgement... I think you will be pleasantly surprised. This just goes to show peanut butter makes everything better!

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1 bun
1 cooked burger (thin steak burgers are the best)
1-2 TBSP melted peanut butter

Place burger on bottom of bun. Spread mayo on top bun. Spread peanut butter onto burger and then top with lettuce, tomato and top bun.

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By Tried-and-True cooking with Heidi (Visit website)

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It also involves an egg

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