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Homemade Alcohol Free Vanilla Extract

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We use quite a bit of vanilla at our house and we use it for more than just baking.  We also use it in our smoothies and other raw treats so I didn't want the alcohol in it for the flavor and other obvious reasons.  Anyway I also didn't want sugar, coloring or other additives.  So the vanilla we were buying wasn't what I would call cheap.  I figured there must be a more affordable way to have good vanilla!  I knew people could make their own but that usually required vodka!  Remember I wanted to avoid the alcohol.  Anyway this was my solution.  It's much cheaper and still gives our food that great vanilla flavor!  I think I will make two jars to rotate because it does need to sit for a few weeks for the vanilla flavor to absorb in.

Homemade Alcohol Free Vanilla Extract

1 jar tall enough for the vanilla beans
3-5 whole vanilla beans
2 parts vegetable glycerin
1 part water

Bend and kind of crack open a little but don't break the vanilla beans and place them in the jar still whole.  Fill the jar 2/3 of the way with the glycerin and the last 1/3 of the way with water.  Shake to mix.  Let sit for a few weeks in your cupboard.  Then use just like vanilla!  You can reuse the vanilla beans and just refill with the water and glycerin when it's gone.  The beans should last for some time when you notice it's lacking in flavor then you may want to rotate some of the beans through.

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