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How to Roast or Bake Breadfruit

By GWJamaica Cook Book
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breadfruit plant

Breadfruit is a staple food in many tropical regions, such as Jamaica. It is rich in starch and before being eaten they are roasted, baked, fried, or boiled.

Roasting breadfruitRoasting breadfruit

When cooked the taste is described as potato-like, or similar to fresh baked bread.

Today I will be sharing with you how to roast and bake breadfruit. Note that it can be served with vegetables or meat of your choice. In Jamaica most persons serve roast or bake breadfruit with our national dish – Ackee and Saltfish (both ackee and breadfruit are seasonal).

Sliced Roasted BreadfruitSliced Roasted Breadfruit

How to Roast Breadfruit
Whole Breadfruit

1. Put whole breadfruit on grill.

2. Cook on all sides till brownish black.

3. Use skewer to check if cooked.

4. Take breadfruit off grill and use a pot holder to hold and peel off skin.

5. Cut in half.

6. Cut out the ‘heart’(uneatable portion in the middle with seed).

7. Cut breadfruit into pegs.

Breadfruit ChipsBreadfruit Chips

How to Bake Breadfruit
1 Mature Whole Breadfruit

1 Teaspoon vegetable or coconut oil.

Aluminum foil

1. Preheat your over to 425F

2. Rub the outside of breadfruit with the oil and wrap in aluminum foil

3. Bake for approx. 1 hour

4. Use skewer to check if cooked.

5. When cooked use pot holder to hold and peel off skin.

6. Cut in half.

7. Cut out the ‘heart’(uneatable portion in the middle with seed).

8. Cut breadfruit into pegs and serve.

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