Magical Color Changing Drinks

By Day to Day with Holly J
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We had a Halloween Fall festival at our house last night with some youth from our church and I thought it would be fun to do something a little different with the drink. After surfing the web for ideas here is what I came up with:

Kids will stare wide-eyed as they watch clear water or soda transform into a vibrant color? must be magic!

What you?ll need: Plastic party cups, food coloring, ice, and any clear drink (I used Sprite, Fresca and Ginger Ale).

Place 2 to 3 drops of food coloring at the bottom of each party cup and let dry. Just before serving the drinks, fill each cup with ice to hide the food coloring. While each child watches, pour the drink over the ice, and the clear water or soda will ?magically? turn into a color as it fills their cup! Use different colors of food coloring so that the kids won?t know what color to expect from their ?magic? soda.

For another fun twist you could add a ?fortune telling? element to the drinks by assigning a meaning to each color and displaying the different meanings on a small sign near the soda. For example, purple = royalty, green = wealth, yellow = long life. Whichever color each guest?s soda turns also predicts their personal ?fortune.?  Enjoy! :)

By Day to Day with Holly J

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Posted the 25/06/2016, 04:40

I'm really sorry it is terrible i think it so hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorible

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Posted the 13/10/2011, 20:40

If the ice cubes were previously frozen with color, the surprise could last a lot longer as the ice melts and mixes.

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Posted the 12/03/2012, 23:05

I llooovvvee it so fun and creative!!!! My kid and his friend love it soo much

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Posted the 27/09/2014, 17:45

Awesome idea. Can't wait to try this at my daughters frozen birthday party..

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Posted the 06/09/2012, 18:48

Im a MERP!!!!!! therfore you shall be my DERP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! har har har

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5 / 5
Posted the 26/03/2013, 02:38

So cool! Can't wait to try this for my lil ones magical birthday party

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Posted the 01/09/2016, 03:50

Thanks so much. I already have so many awesome ideas with this.

i cooked this recipe
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Posted the 01/04/2015, 18:28

Can't wait to try this! Do u think apple juice will work?

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