Quick cheat laksa for weekday dinner

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- 1 pack of vermicelli
- 2 packs of Lee Kum Kee laksa for hot pot soup base
- 1 box of coconut milk
- 1 heaping cup of beansprouts
- various meat/fishballs
- 1 cup of tofu puffs
- a bunch of corriander
- crispy shallot
- hot water


Step 1:

Add laksa spice pack to hot water, add coconut milk, add meat/fish balls, add tofu puffs, bring everything to boil and keep it hot until you are ready to serve.

Step 2:

Blanch beansprouts, blanch vermicelli, arrange in serving bowl, add meat/fishballs and tofu puffs in the bowl, pour laksa soup, garnish with coriander and crispy shallot.

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