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Mango Agar Agar

By Me & MyBakez
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My Nyx is in the afternoon session... meaning I have limited time to bake and decorate.... so I was telling everyone now I CHILL........... :D Still with cakes...cakes...cakes.... filled in my brain... even my Chilled agar-agar also look like cake :D heheee..... This Mango Agar is inspired by Cherry Potato I saw her posting the other day and I told myself I must make this!!! and I did ;-)

still the SQ way of presentation.... 7 O'clock
5 O'clock
And I made some Mango Agar-Agar cuppies too ;-)

Here comes the instruction
For the bottom layer
1 pack Yogurt Drink
1 pack agar agar powder (no color)
2 tbsp sugar
put everything in a pot, whisk everything together and bring them to a boiling point. Off the heat and pour the mixture in a mould. Chill in fridge for 30-45mins
For the top layer
fresh from 2 mangoes (i use Thai honey mango) - cut into small cubes
lay them on the semi-chilled agar agar of the bottom layer (above)

1 litre water
1 pack agar agar powder
180g sugar
3-4 Pandan leaves knotted together
Bring everything to a boiling point, off the heat, remove the pandan leave and pour the mixture slowly on the bottom layer laid with mango cubes.
Put it back to the fridge to set for at least 4hrs.
Done!! ;-)
This is a nice & yummy dessert!! And its quick and easy too!!! Thanks Cherry Potato for sharing ;-)

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By Me & MyBakez (Visit website)

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California John
3 / 5

I like anything coconut, magno, papya or honey. But what is agar agar powder? Where can I get it? I have seen and used mangos, but honey mango? I don't know it, didnt' know there were different varieties of mango. And 180g sugar, how much sugar is that? As for the first picture- it looks like a transparent gelatin with fruit under it.

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