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Mee Pok (Teochew Style Noodles)

By Taste of Saras Kitchen
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Mee Pok (Teochew Style Noodles)
I can never get bored of having noodles for all my meals. I'm kind of addicted to them.They can be eaten at any time of the day and feature in both simple and very lavish meal.Like eating rice -The Chinese like to consume noodles and it's a staple food in any Chinese kitchen.A Chinese meal is usually a communal affair.Whenever they eat out or at home,the food is always shared between them.It's like going against the Chinese custom to select and eat a whole dish oneself. Every weekend I would have some kind of Chinese noodles back in Singapore esp the "Mee Pok" a Teochew style noodles. The noodles are often toss the noodles vigorously to remove excess flour and soda and to separate noodles which have stuck together.The sauce in which the noodles are tossed in is a very important aspect of the dish, and is considered a representation of the cook's skill and experience which give the flavor to the dish. Well I wasn't able to get all the ingredients for the sauce but it came out really tasty.

Serving Size: 4

1 packet of Mee Pok noodles (available in Asian Store)
1 cup beans sprouts
1 cup blends baby Bok Choy
1/2 cup dried shiitake mushrooms soaked in hot water
1 cup cooked chicken sliced
2tbsp sesame oil
chopped coriander leaves
chopped spring onions
slice red chillies
fried onions

Spicy Chillie Paste:
1/2 cup shredded onions
1/2 cup chillie flasks
1tbsp mince garlic
1/2 cup oil
1tbsp sugar
1/2tbsp salt

Heat a wok with 1/2 cup of oil.Once it's heat add all the ingredient and saute til oil separates. Allow the mixture to cool and keep aside.

1tbsp shredded onions
1tbsp minced garlic
1tbsp dark soy sauce
1tsp light soy sauce

Sauce for tossing:
Chinese rice wine vinegar
minced garlic
sesame oil
black bean sauce-store brought
ginger garlic sauce-stored brought
tomato ketchup if you perfer

Preparation Method:
Squeeze out the water from the mushrooms and sliced them thinly and keep aside. Heat a heavy bottomed work and add the sesame oil. As it's heated add the shredded onions and garlic -saute til fragrant followed by the mushrooms and sliced chicken. Fry for 2 minutes and add the dark and light soy sauce.Coat the well and transfer to a bowl keep aside.Boil a big of water with a good amount of water. The water should be super salty.

Add a handful of the noodles and beans sprouts on a wire-mesh strainer with handle and dip in hot boiling water until cooked through.Then blench them in some cold water and keep aside. You have to this method for each person separately.

In a large glass bowl add 1tbsp semester oil,1tsp minced garlic,1tsp ginger garlic sauce,1tsp Chinese rice wine vinegar,1tsp black bean sauce and finally add 1tbsp of the prepared spicy chillie paste. You can also add 1tsp of tomato ketchup if you like.

Blend them well and add the cooked noodles mixture followed by adding few blenched baby bok choy,chicken mushroom mixture, a little red slice red chillie,coriander leaves,spring onions and fried onion. Give a good toss and transfer them to serving bowl.

Note: For the kids just add the sesame oil,1/2tsp Chinese rice wine vinegar and 1tbsp tomato ketchup and toss in the noddles. Omit adding the spicy paste,bean sauce and sliced red chillie. This is a pretty spicy noodles.

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By Taste of Saras Kitchen (Visit website)

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