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Microwave Mango jam - celebrating a fellow blogger

By Flavours and Tastes

Jayashree, hosting Srivalli's MEC this month solicits tried and tasted recipes from other blogger friends. I have been trying recipes from other bloggers sometimes adjusting the recipes to my requirements and availabilty of ingredients on hand.

Living in a tropical country, I see mangoes year around. The mangoes here are big and sweet and another variety is sweet yet very fibrous. The shop lady is very generous with the mangoes, I get them at throw away prices above which my driver will sweet talk her to drop some extra :)

I chose this recipe from Aparna who I am in awe with for the baking she does. Looking through her recipes I found this one and another that I might try with ingredients on hand. I made these twice once in the jam form and the next time I let it cook a while longer until the jam hardened and I could roll aam papads.

Now to the recipe:

The original recipe can be read here
5 mangoes, peeled and chopped
¾ cup powdered jaggery/ brown sugar
1 ½ tsp dried ginger
1 tsp cinnamon powder
4-5 cloves
½ tsp salt
If you would like the preserve to be more like jam, then run the mango a couple of times in the blender.
Put all the ingredients, except the ginger in a microwave safe bowl. Mix and then cook at 100% for ten minutes. Now add the ginger, stir well and microwave at 80% for another 8 minutes. Allow the preserve/ jam to cool. It will thicken a little bit. Bottle and refrigerate. I got enough preserve to fill a medium sized jam jar.
My mangoes were quite juicy and so took longer to cook and reduce. You might have to adjust your cooking time depending on the variety of mango. Similarly, you might need to adjust the jaggery/ brown sugar required depending on the sweetness of your mangoes.

Have a look at the pictures and you will understand how well we relished this.

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By Flavours and Tastes (Visit website)

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