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Teese Cheese

By Vegan Family Style

The other day I received a package.. In it was a block of Teese cheese- mozzarella style. The kids rejoiced as they knew this meant that they were getting some sort of pizza.. I was excited because I had sent Teese several emails about reviewing their vegan cheese and now I am!
I made two items with the Teese cheese.. I had pictures but my husband deleted them! Arrggg... So you will just have to trust me- they were good. I made pizza rolls and calzones. In my opinion the cheese melted better in the calzones than in the pizza rolls. I have found this with most vegan cheeses- so I was not surprised. I was surprised at how amazing it was in calzones though! I cut open a calzone and it looked just like real mozzarella and it tasted like real mozzarella too! The boys liked the pizza rolls and gobbled them up fast! My husband and I loved the calzones. I haven't tried it on pizzas according to their directions. You can see from the picture below it melts very well. I have heard this from other vegan bloggers as well. It didn't melt like this for the pizza rolls though. The cheese that was inside the pizza roll melted very well the cheese that was on top didn't melt as well. But according to the directions I should have cooked at 500 degrees. I didn't want to heat the oven up that high because I was doing calzones next. They may have turned out better if I had followed the package instructions to the T.
I am excited to try their nacho sauce (before going vegan I loved those sloppy, cheesy, spicy nachos with the nacho cheese sauce that was so bad for you!) and their cheddar style for macaroni and cheese. We will use Teese cheese again for sure. Thank you Teese!

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By Vegan Family Style (Visit website)

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