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Tried and Tasted Savoury Veggie Tart ...


This recipe is from Champas blog Versatile Kitchen...She has awesome collection of simple and easy to make recipes..go see her lovely creative space filled with mouthwatering and fantabulous goodies .
I usually just comment on  my fellow bloggers space for there creative dishes, but dont get enough time to scroll for a recipe and try it..but when champa announced CSN giveaway(dont miss,u can see the details to enter here..) i thought the same process following/tweeting./like me on FB..which i usually dont feel like doing..but to my surprise it was fun partcipating as it was to follow and try one or more of her recipes..and yesterday scrolling thro champas awesome recipe collection i came upon this recipe which inspired me to prepare it right away and this is my first ever trial to prepare a dish from someones blog since i started blogging and it turned down yum and mouth was watering to eat it asap and the garnishing got spread here and there while clicking...haha..
we enjoyed the mixed veggie savoury tart with a cup of tea..Thanks champa for this recipe..
I wont type the recipe again...U can check it here....(see my variations and additions below)

I added 1/2 tsp dried rosemary and 1/2 tsp cumin seeds to the dough/base along with other ingredients to make it more flavorful..

I added 4 finely chopped garlic to a  tsp olive oil and Also replaced potato with a mixture of 3/4 cup of sweet corn kernels /1 sliced green bellpepper/3 chopped mini mild fresh red chillies along with 1 big sliced white onion and finally added 1/2 tsp dried basil(for extra flavor),salt/pepper/red chilly flakes..

Wil surely make it time topping variation would b with my fav's
marinara sauce with mushrooms/onions/bellpeppers or  pesto with caramalised onion/tomato and parmesan cheese...yummmmmmmmm

sending this to akheelas lovely event Veggie/Fruit a month-Corn started by Priya

and to champas wonderful event Bakeoff


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By CREATIVE SANYUKTA (Visit website)

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