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TWD: Almost-Fudge Gateau

By Tracey's Culinary Adventures


Whew, short weeks like this one can really slip away from you can't they?  I had really hoped to share  a recipe for stuffing with you all yesterday, but instead I did something infinitely more fun.  Shane and  I went to the hospital to welcome a new baby into the world!  No, not ours :)  Two of our best friends had their first baby and it was such a joy to be a part of the celebration.  Congratulations Ben & Lauren!  Since I'm running out of time before Thanksgiving, tomorrow I'll be back to share the stuffing recipe as well as a pie that I think would make a great dessert on Thursday, if you're still looking for ideas. 


Today, though, is all about rich, chocolate cake.  Tuesdays with Dorie is doing a rewind this week, which means everyone has freedom to go back and make any recipe they'd like from the book.  I wanted something simple and something that Shane would help eat, and wound up choosing the almost-fudge gateau, a recipe that had been selected before I joined the group.  It's a single layer cake baked in a springform pan topped with a luscious chocolate glaze.  Though it will completely fill your sink with dirty dishes, the recipe is not difficult and can be whipped up fairly quickly.


Two quick notes about my experience with the cake.  First, as my cake cooled, the top developed a really crackly crust (the kind you crave on your brownies - photo evidence below), though oddly mostly on one side only.  Dorie says in the recipe that the cake will sink as it cools (which mine did) but I wonder whether the crackly crust was common for others who've made the cake.  The glaze is actually applied to the bottom of the cake, which was nice and flat, so no worries there.  My second "issue" was with the glaze.  Basically, to make the glaze you melt chocolate then add hot cream to the melted chocolate.  When I added the cream, my glaze got lumpy, and no amount of stirring produced a smooth glaze. 


These issues were definitely more cosmetic than anything else, as the flavor was exactly as Dorie described - moist, dense and very chocolaty.  I knew it would be too rich for me to enjoy more than a bite or two, and it was, but Shane was a fan.  I thought the cake was actually better on the second day.  No matter when you serve it, it'll definitely please chocolate fans.  Nikki of Crazy, Delicious hosted the week this cake was chosen way back in February of 2008.  You can find the recipe here on her blog or on pages 218-219 of Baking: From My Home to Yours. 

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By Tracey's Culinary Adventures (Visit website)

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