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Brass Compass Cafe's "King of Clubs" lobster club sandwich for breakfast

By Cooking With Tien

Every week, my husband and I said that we should not watch the food network shows late at night. The shows always make us hungry late at night and that leads to snacking before going to sleep. We ended up watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay show featuring lobster club sandwich. After deciding last night to wait until next week to make the sandwich, we could not wait. Jeff went to the store at 7 am this morning. We were not disappointed to have this for breakfast. I fried up the bacon and steamed two lobster tails. Once the lobster tails were steamed, I rough chopped them up into big chunks and added about two tablespoons of mayo, a light sprinkle of salt and pepper. Although we did not make our own white bread, we just toasted three Sarah Lee white bread and assemble the sandwhich.
Mayo was spread on the toasted, then lettuce, tomato, and crispy bacon. If you are interested in the Brass Compass Cafe restaurant, here is an article about Lynn the owner. The original recipe is listed in the article. Afterwards, Jeff declared the lobster club sandwich is one of the best sandwiches that he had ever eaten. Since we will not be going to Maine soon, we were happy to settle for this sandwich at home. After reading on restaurant review, if you order the sandwich at the restaurant, it is about $17.00. If you make it at home, it will set you back about $12.00.

In case you missed the sign the Seafood deli at Meijers grocery store at 2500 Philo Road, Urbana, IL, they will steam lobster for you while you shop. It takes about 15 mins.
The poor lobsters...

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