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Buns with chocolate

12 recipes


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Recipe Wanna have some chocolate chip buns?

Wanna have some chocolate chip buns?

otherVery Easy20 minutes20 minutes
Ingredients: For Dough: - 300 g bread flour - 30 g cocoa powder - 5 g salt - 25 g butter - 25 g sugar - zest of 1 orange - 5 g active dried yeast - 1 small egg, we...
Recipe Choc cross buns

Choc cross buns

otherDifficult45 minutes20 minutes
Ingredients: for the buns - 5 cup plain flour, sifted - ¼ cup caster sugar - 2 teaspoons dried yeast - 1 teaspoon allspice - ½ teaspoon cinnamon - ½ cup sultanas -...
Recipe Chocolate Swirl Bun

Chocolate Swirl Bun

I couldn?t believe I had such a satisfying weekend. A weekend filled with bun making, kimchi making and trying out new dishes which turned out to be a delight for the family. A memorable day indeed , trying out this chocolate swirl bun. This[...]
Recipe Chocolate-Filled Steamed Buns with Cherry Sauce

Chocolate-Filled Steamed Buns with Cherry Sauce

How's this for decadent, delicious and divine??? It is so quick and easy, and very, very yummy! If you love chocolate, cherries and bread, you'll love this! I learnt to make this at my Varoma training yesterday, and came home and[...]
Recipe Vegan chocolate stout Chili Recipe, buttermilk beer buns

Vegan chocolate stout Chili Recipe, "buttermilk" beer buns

I'll just toot my own horn a bit, but I think that this is the best Chili that I ever tasted. This recipe definitely worth to try, so please give it a try! Rich, Hearty Vegetarian Chocolate Stout Chili Make chili, when dough is rising.[...]
Recipe Chocolate Chocolate Chip Soft Buns (65??? method)

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Soft Buns (65??? method)

Yes, I baked bread again. It is indeed a never ending quest for me, because eating bread is a daily affair for me, whether its breakfast or just dough craving. And to be able to have fresh baked bread (made by myself) is really a true[...]
Recipe Chocolate Milk Buns

Chocolate Milk Buns

I know alot of you will never like Mondays after a relaxing weekends. Especially if you need to wake up early and stuck in the too!! But today (which is a Monday) is a very excited one and the most happiest one for me! That was because my[...]
Recipe Fluffy Soft Steam Buns & Chocolate Swirl Mantou (??????????? )

Fluffy Soft Steam Buns & Chocolate Swirl Mantou (??????????? )

I have been looking for the perfect steam bun / bao recipe for a long time now. And it almost seems like most of the recipe turns out the same. Soft when just steamed but not so a few hours after it cooled down and needs to be reheated to get[...]
Recipe Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake

Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake

** Cheeky grin** Why such a title? This is a cake? No.... this is a bread?. No? This is a cake?. No?. I don?t know!!!!! ** Serious look** Okok. Seriously I am confused too. The actual name of this is Danish[...]
Recipe Spent Grain Chocolate Breadless Bread Pudding (Muffins)

Spent Grain Chocolate Breadless Bread Pudding (Muffins)

It's a confusing title, I know. But it's so very accurate! They might be called muffins in another life, yet the way they turn out with their soft, moist inside and their firm outside is more reminiscent of a bread pudding cup. Except[...]

Chocolate Buns with Chocolate Fillings

T.H.E R.A.M.B.L.I.N.G.S Things happened for a reason. And in my case, it's for a very good cause! Had been annoyed with my space bar key, which went totally kaput yesterday morning. Had to update the blog using all the dashes till Ida said,[...]

Banana bonanza? Chocolate Banana Custard Jam!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE BANANA JAM! I hate bananas. But I love bananas… … with chocolate Like most other mums, my mum has sort of a set of ‘beliefs’ that she parents by. Not rules, but kinda… just, well, beliefs.[...]

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