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Chocolate Mousse Swiss Roll

By Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
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I havent prepared swiss rolls since a long, we guys love it so much, after a long hesitation i prepared our favourite chocolate mousse instead for cream or for jam usually used for making swiss roll also i went for a chocolate swiss roll sponge cake instead of a vanilla sponge cake..Eventhough this cake and chocolate mousse goes for simple ingredients, the preparation time and assembling process was quite a bit long when compared to other cakes and bakes i usually goes for, anyhow its definitely a worthy dessert to try and enjoy..I prepared the chocolate mousse a day before and yesterday i prepared this chocolate swiss roll sponge cake, once the cake get cooled, i spread the already prepared chocolate mousse and arranged them fridge for six hours before serving..This chocolate mousse swiss roll tastes excellent when served as dessert after a lunch or for snacks with a scoop of vanilla icecream...Needless to say this vanished within few minutes, my teddies loved it that much..Sending to Chocolate Extravaganza guest hosted by Ria, event by Meeta K..

Chocolate Mousse Swiss Roll

For chocolate mousse:

I prepared  my usual chocolate mousse and kept overnite..

For Chocolate Swiss roll Sponge Cake:

4nos Egg whites

4nos Egg yolks

1/2cup Flour

1/2cup Sugar

1tbsp Butter (melted)

1/4cup Chocolate powder

Preheat the oven to 350F..Beat the egg yolks, sugar until they turns smooth and plate,add the flour,butter and chocolate powder to them, mix everything well and keep aside..Now whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until soft peeks forms..fold the whipped egg whites to the already prepared chocolate batter, mix gently until they get well mixed..Line a baking sheet over a swiss roll pan or a baking tray,spread this batter and bake for 12minutes,until the top turns firm..remove the baking sheet carefully..

Keep aside and let the sponge cake gets cooled..Now spread the already prepared chocolate mousse..roll them, arrange them in fridge for few hours and enjoy them...

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By Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes (Visit website)

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