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Crab with salted egg./ ketam masak telur masin

By Another Cup of Sugar
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this is a dish that i recently tried and love...i've always love sweet & sour crab and blackpepper crab but crab with salted egg has just made its way to my list of fave food. this dish is also very fragrant due to the curry leaves...although i must say that the style of cooking is almost the same with buttered prawns.

only that this recipe is my tried and error based on my memory of the taste from what i had in a restaurant...but i can safely say that its close enough, my family seem to love it too so...^_^

1kg crabs (cleaned and cut into half each)
a couple sprigs of curry leaves
a handfull of peri peri chillies / bird eye chillies - well this is subjective if you don't like it HOT like i do you may just reduce the amount.
2tbsp butter
2 clove chopped garlic.
2-3tsp of sugar
20ml of evaporated milk - plus minus
a pinch of blackpepper
5 salted eggs - (hard boiled)
some corn flour
some cooking oil for deep frying the crabs

first peeled the shell of the salted eggs, then mash it into a breadcrumb consistency and set a side.
coat the crabs with corn flour and then deep fried the crabs. set a side.
then heat butter and fry butter, curry leaves, and chillies until fragrant (carefull so it won't burnt). then add in the salted eggs. stir fry it for a while then add in the evaporated milk, sugar black pepper. stir it and it'll thicken abit then add in the crabs, mix well so that the crabs are well coated with the salted egg sauce. then ready to serve.


notice that i didn't actually add any additional salt? yes its because the salted eggs has already given the savory taste to it but, REMEMBER TO TASTE YOUR FOOD WHEN COOKING! IF ITS BLAND FEEL FREE TO ADD SOME SALT TO TASTE.... its subjective really, i personally don't take much salt in my food (well at least i tried =p ).

above is the buttered prawns. this is no easy dish, the egg yolk is one that make it hard one to make. i rarely get this one right! but that way my lucky day plus i had to use a mighty lots of yolks to get that hair like effect! and i think having high pressured stove helps too...

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So delicious

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This recipe contain a lot of good ingredients and after cook it,it is very delicious!!!!

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