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Dedicated to the interwebz and you my readers, the wonderful blueberries in the tart that is my life

By thecattylife... for all things cattylicious...

Once upon a time there was the interwebz. The interwebz was a funny ol? thang. It was born in a pin prick of light, a cyberspace baby and it grew and grew and GREW. The interwebz became everything, and though you can?t touch it, you always know it?s there.

It lives and breathes through you and I: a hobby, a way of life, an institution, a religion.

I?d always been a sucker for the interwebz. I remember being in highschool, saving my pennies so that I could buy some skanky old modem. I plugged it into the telephone socket and dialled onto… telnet. I MUD’d and IRC?d and then I mIRC?d which for those of you as ancient as me, you?ll remember the god-given communal sigh of relief we all breathed when mIRC?s interface actually had separate windows.

Oh yeah, Captain Nerd here.

The interwebz gripped me young and it gripped me good. It brought me happiness (because chatting to complete strangers seems to have always brought me joy) and sheer heartbreak (when my dad physically ripped my precious modem from the wall).

I?m sure I could have been institutionalised for my obsession with being online but hey I?ve managed to avoid capture so far although… and Panu will attest to this… when 3G drops out on my blackberry, I start to gnaw on my lip and pick at my nails and fidget with nervous energy because What. If. It. Never. Comes. Back?!  WHAT IF I MISS A TWEET?! For realz. I?m actually totally certified insane.

Hi, my name is catty and I am an interwebolic.

Not that being an interwebolic is all bad. Far from it! My relationship with the interwebz has always been nothing if not positive.

The interwebz has taught me and nurtured me and connected me and showed me and laughed with me and dare I say, loved me. It?s given me an avenue to express myself in 140 characters or less, and well, when I have more than 140 characters to express I have my blog and you, all of you crazy awesome readers, the interwebz has brought me you, the wonderful blueberries in the tart that is my life.

I?ve made true friends through the interwebz, I even thought I found true love once but then it turned out to be not so true. It?s all right, interwebz, it wasn?t your fault. The interwebz has brought people into my life. Sometimes for a moment. Sometimes for a day. Sometimes a week. And maybe a life time. Who knows.

Most recently, the interwebz has shared with me the wonder that is Maria, a stunning Finnish girl living in Sydney, creating some of the most awesome traditional Finnish dishes definitely that side of the hemisphere. This here is based on her berry tart recipe and it is delish!

So to all you other interwebolics out there, don?t be ashamed. Be proud, peace out and may y?all live happily ever after.

ps. I was not stoned while writing this post. I think.

Blueberry tart (inspired by Maria’s mamma’s berry tart recipe)


100 grams butter, softened

85 grams caster sugar

1 egg

150 grams plain flour

1 teaspoon baking powder


500 grams blueberries (or mixed berries)

2 tablespoons corn flour

250mL light sour cream

1 egg

2 teaspoon vanilla extract

70 grams caster sugar

Preheat the oven to 180°C/355°F and grease a 24cm tart/pie/quiche tin.
To make the pastry, beat together the butter and sugar until creamy. Whisk in the egg.
Mix the baking powder and flour together and add to the egg mixture. Using a wooden spoon, mix all together until you get a sticky dough.
Place the dough in the tart tin and flatten against bottom and edge. Set aside.
In a bowl, mix the berries with corn flour until they are coated. Spoon onto prepared pastry.
Mix together sour cream, egg, vanilla extract and sugar and pour the mixture over the blueberries.
Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes or until edges are brown and filling has set.
Leave to cool. Keep refrigerated.
Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Serves 6-8.

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By thecattylife... for all things cattylicious... (Visit website)

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