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Dibba Rotti/Idly batter Cake (Savory Cake)

By Sailaja's Recipes

Today I am talking about one of my favorite dishes of my mom. Anyone who grew up in Andhra is familiar what I am talking about. Dibba Rotti is delicacy of East andhra. This cake is cooked on low heat for minimum 1 hr depends on the pan size. In India this is prepared in Aluminum pan (Specially made for these kind of dishes(Slow cooking). We call as Pota Silver ginni in Telugu.) The name Dibba Rotti literally means Fat bread (Based on the size ;) Dibba means fat in Telugu)

Very simple to make but takes lot of time to cook.


Idly Batter (Note: Homemade idly batter gives the nice crispy texture than store bought. One more point is we use idly rava instead of idly rice)
2 green chilies slit length wise


Heat oil in the pan. Make sure you use a round shaped and thick pan to get the nice shape and crisp to the cake. The technique to get the right cake is to have right pan.
When oil is hot add batter and keep the green chilies in the middle of the batter. (This helps to cook the batter evenly.)
Keep it on low heat and cover with lid for 15 mts once you feel the batter is cooked remove the lid and leave it open till you see crispy edges. Insert a knife or skewer in the middle of the batter to check if the batter is cooked or not. Once the batter is cooked and edges are crispy and golden color turn it over to other side and cook it for 5 to 6 mts till u get golden color.

Yummy Dibba Rotti is ready to be served with any chutney. I like to eat with Peanut or Onion or Coconut chutney.

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By Sailaja's Recipes (Visit website)

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