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Eat some rice in September

By Koreafornian Cooking

September in the U.S. is National Rice Month, created in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush to promote consumption of American-grown rice.

According to the U.S. Rice Council, about 80 percent of domestically grown rice is consumed by domestic customers. The other 20 percent ends up in foreign markets, mostly in Central America and Japan. California is the second largest U.S. rice growing state, most of which is grown in Northern and Central California in the Sacramento Valley. The most popular rice grown in California is japonica rice, a short- to medium-grain rice ideal for Asian dishes due to its sticky texture.

If you want the scholarly dissertation on rice consumption in Korea, check out "Cultural perspectives and current consumption changes of cooked rice in Korean diet" by Sook He Kim, honorary president of the Korean Nutrition Society. The 2007 paper includes with a couple of recipes for ??? bibimbap. 

To help you celebrate National Rice Month in style, the following are a few links to my recipes as well as some Korean recipes floating around the blogosphere. 

Korean tacos

Namu-style Korean tacos. (Photo by Tammy Quackenbush)

Burnt rice snack (??? nooroongji) by Korean Cuisine

Dolsot bibimbap burned rice.

(Photo courtesy of EJ Chang via Creative Commons license.)

Korean-style beef stroganoff

Korean-style beef stroganoff, a mix of Korean pepper flakes and sour cream on a bed of rice.

(Photo by Tammy Quackenbush)

Dr. Ben Kim's bibimbap

Bibimbap by Cocobang restaurant in San Francisco (photo by Tammy Quackenbush)

Turkey kimchi fried rice (?? ??? kimchi bokeumbap)

Kimchi fried rice from Cocobang restaurant, San Francisco. (Photo by Tammy Quackenbush)

Rice tea (?? sungnyung) by Mayura's Herbal

Boil some rice to make a simple, refreshing drink. (Photo courtesy of USA Rice Federation)

Mushrooms and rice (??? posotbap)

Korean mushrooms with rice. (Photo by Tammy Quackenbush)

Beef kimbap (??? ?? sogogi kimbap) by Aeri's Kitchen

Beef kimbap from Stone Korean Kitchen restaurant in San Francisco. (Photo by Tammy Quackenbush)

Rice on FoodistaRice

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By Koreafornian Cooking (Visit website)

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