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HALLOWEEN MARTINIS & HALLOWEEN PARTY FOOD - Purple Ghost Martini & Crabby Dead Brain


Download the full sized 5x3 recipe card in print quality here

The PURPLE GHOST MARTINI is a really delicious raspberry vodka martini with tones of orange from the Cointreau and a good dose of anti-oxidants from the pomegranate juice.  It has this really deep purple magenta color that looks great when you float a Ghost Peep on top.

I got extra peeps and dipped them in chocolate for my Halloween Buffet dessert bar - they go great with this martini too!


Don't have time to carve a pumpkin?  No problem, grab a few black magic markers in various sizes and draw on a scary pumpkin face!  Do a search online for pumpkin carving patterns.

You don't even have to put on a face!  Simply grab a few pumpkins and some of the fun seasonal squashes in various colors at the grocery store and do a nice grouping with some candles.
 You can make ghosts to hang around with plastic grocery bags.  Cut your bags into different sized squares for different sized ghosts,  put a wadded up paper towel or toilet paper in the center of the square, gather the bag around the paper stuffed "head" and tie it off with string or a rubber band. You can paint a spooky face on it with your black markers. Grab a can or two of matte black spray paint (Walmart's brand is cheap and dries very quickly!) and spray a few branches from your trees and set them around various areas with Halloween Candles or those great new battery operated votive candles. Dry ice is a great way to create atmosphere on your buffet and most grocery stores carry it.  If you have a fog machine drag it out! Party games are a great idea but if it's too late to pick up some of the cool Halloween party games try creating some of your own.  I did a search for Free Halloween Games and found a ton of fun ideas.

Crabby Dead Brain

(5x3 recipe card at the The Diva of Tiny Foods):


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