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How to make a 3D car cake

By SugarEd Lagniappe
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Hi Sugar Buddies!

I got back from the DOS in Winnie, Tx and boy did we have fun! Of course there was torrential rain and flooding while we were there. What is it with the severe weather everywhere I travel to? Maybe God is trying to tell me to stay my butt home? Nah.

So anyway, I am slamming busy this week , so I am pleased to present you with a guest entry from Karen in LA on her 3D car cake. Karen is a wonderful cake artist, and she does some really great 3D stuff.

Take it away Karen:

I usually try and find the original dimensions of a vehicle first. Then scale it down to where it will fit on a piece of paper (8x14).Then from there, I use a ruler to see the size of the tire space, space from bumper to start of tire, distance between tires then the distance between the back tire and the back bumper. Now I am able to get my dimensions for my board with holes inset for the tires to go up in. (I always do a paper template also in case someone needs one again!!!!)

Place the cakes on the board. Align the 'car template' up against the cake.

Then carve.

I do a lot of my details with icing build up instead of actually cutting into the cake, this makes it sooooo much easier! This isn't a very good pic, but you can see what is taking place. I did smooth it more after this pic was taken also!!!

While the paint is drying, I fix my little boards that are gonna go under the cake. So when it's dry, I place it on the 'taped on both sides' blocks so it doesn't go anywhere!!!!!

Then on to the painted and window details. Windows were fondant covered with an edible image. Gradient fill. Nothing fancy!!! Outlined with airbrush black and silver dust.

From here it is all details which take the majority of the time. The wheels were gumpaste painted black also!!!!

Here it is moved over to the cake board getting all the detail work done.

And the finished product!!!


Thank you Karen for that great tutorial! You rock! Below is a picture of the first car cake I made using Karen's technique, but I used fondant. I was very happy with it!


You guys have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week!

Happy caking!


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By SugarEd Lagniappe (Visit website)

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