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Kothimeera Karam (Spicy Coriander Chutney)

By Tasty Touch

A few years ago,we visited my husband's uncle and aunt who live in VA.It was a long drive but a beautiful one especially along the Chesapeake Bay bridge which offers spectacular views.That truly is an engineering marvel, I think!I wish I could share a picture or two but I could not find a single pic from that trip on my computer.
Anyhow, the day we went, his aunt made the coriander chutney to be eaten with idlis.It was a tad spicy for me but the overall chutney tasted so good that I took this recipe from her.I always make it this way since then and we all love it.I took the recipes for almost all the dishes that she cooked during our 2 day stay there.You can imagine how good the dishes must have tasted.
I must say, there is some magic when elders cook!The food tastes more appetizing, perhaps they add extra love when they cook;).

1 1/2 bunches coriander, stalks removed
4-5 red chilies (change the proportions according to your taste)
2 green chillies, chopped
2 tsps Urad dal
1 tsp Chana dal

1 oz of Tamarind pulp
pinch of Hing(asafoetida)

Roast chana dal, urad dal , half the quantity of red chilies (2)in a pan, with out oil.

Heat about a tablespoon of oil and fry green chilies and the remaining red chilies.

Remove them and put aside.

In the same pan, fry coriander leaves until they are wilted but not dry.

Grind/Blend the coriander leaves, roasted mixture(red chilies, chana dal , urad dal, green chilies) with tamarind pulp

For tempering:

Heat a tsp of oil and fry Jeera (cumin seeds), mustard seeds and a pinch of hing.

If you wish to have a sour taste, add lemon juice.

Serve it hot with rice or idlis or dosas!

This is off to Think Spice: Think Chilies hosted by Lakshmi Venkatesh, an event started by Sunita


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By Tasty Touch (Visit website)

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