Fried chicken with brown sauce

By kaylim
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Yummy Fried Chicken


3 Drumstick,
3 whole potato medium size
1x Ready McCormick Brown Gravy sauce


Step 1:

Wash up chicken, dry it
Potato - Peel skin & cut to cubes

Step 2:

Bring water to boil, boil potato 10-15mins, remove it
Heat oil, fry chicken till light brown, remove from pan

Step 3:

Add cup of hot water & add brown sauce pack, stir it
Add potato, simmer for 10mins (let potato absorb sauce for better taste)

Step 4:

Add brown sauce & potato to fried chicken
Ready to serve

Step 5:

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By kaylim

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1 / 5elleniscooking
Posted the 28/09/2012, 19:07

I don't like recipes with sause both out of a store. If you make the brown sause than it is a compleet recipe made bij you!

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