Pepper tamarind (assam) prawns

By nava-knava-k


200g prawns (devein and left the tail on)
1/1 tbsp saffron/kunyit powder
2 tbsp thick assam/tamarind juice
4 tbsp oil
2 sprigs of curry leaves
salt to taste
1/2 litre of water

To be blended/grounded
6 red chillies (remove seeds)
1 large tomato
1 large onion
5 cloves garlic
1 1/2 tbsp black pepper (can add more if you prefer)


Mix the prawns with the saffron/kunyit powder and a bit of salt.
Heat oil and when heated, fry the prawns until pink or half cooked before removing.
Into the same pot, add the blended ingredients and cook until the oil floats.
Add 1/2 litre of water and let the gravy simmer to a boiling point. Put in the fried prawns, curry leaves and salt to taste.
Mix all in and after one more boil, remove from heat.

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By nava-knava-k

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