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Microwave Pasta Payasam - Re-posted for MEC Sweets n Savories

By Enveetu Kitchen

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!! this was the expression my makkal gave me when i said Pasta Payasam. Thought of trying it out on my own, without peeping the Net. Considering my experience with Microwave Cooking, coz its been only a month since i got my oven:), i was jus praying / bribing god to make the dish come good.

Thanks to God, It came out great.

Here's the recipe


One tight Fist Pasta (Small / Mini Variety) i think mine is called mini rigatte

1 cup milk

1 / 4 cup sugar

1 tbsp ghee (Call it healthy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

1 or 2 tbsp Dessicated coconut

cardamom, cinnamon - 1 / 4 tsp each

Garnishing Silvered Almonds and Cashewnuts


In a Microwave Safe Deep Bowl add Ghee and pasta and Cook @ high for 2 minutes, this will actually roast the pata. Stir Inbetween.

Add Milk and Microwave high for 7-8 minutes or till the pasta cooks. Stir in between.

Add sugar and Microwave high/80 for 2 minutes

Add Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nuts and Coconut and microwave high for 2 minutes

Thats it, done, in 15 minutes.

Sending this to Srivalli's Kids Delight Event

Re-posting this for MEC - Sweets n Savories Guest hosted by paru

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By Enveetu Kitchen (Visit website)

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