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Mocha Praline Cake

By Cakes And More!
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The experimental basic sponge was successfully baked and I wanted to make some kind of new dessert with it. Think this was the thought that made me to cut it into narrow strips.(Not to mention my kids hovering around the cake asking for a bite). When I could not come up with that brilliant idea for the new dessert,  I went back to an old favorite, coffee, praline and the quintessential whipped cream. Irresistible...

Whipped the cream, flavored with coffee,  put in the fridge to chill. Mixed some instant coffee and water, no sugar (the cake was a little too sweet for my taste). Soaked the cake strips in the coffee, filled with whipped cream, praline. One more strip of soaked cake, whipped cream on top. Dust some instant coffee. Phew!! It sure took time to repeat this process till all the strips of cake were done with. Thank God! Am obsessed with just normal sane sized cakes and not Petite Fours:-))

The uneven strips of cake would hardly make a pretty sight! Sigh! Thought let me not waste any more cream and might as well freeze the rest. But then, my son helpfully suggested that I pipe something on each piece. After a frantic search for the missing coupler, I finally cut the cake into small pieces, piped some cream onto them.

The cake would not win the best looking cake award, but would surely delight any coffee lover. It took the soaking syrup really well, making the cake moist without making it excessively so.

 Coffee.... what would  we do without you???

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It has no F***ing ingridients, nor procedure!!! :P

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