Strawberry Crepes, Lovely Dessert


Every time after nice lunch, I crave something sweet. Usually, it is too late in a day to start preparing and making decadent treat or cake, so crepes are wonderful quick & light dessert.

My mom taught me how to make French crepes when I was just a little girl and she is truly an crepe expert. I remember sound of bubbling crapes on the hot pan and wonderful aroma throughout the kitchen. Recently she told me that she loves mine better because they are extra thin:)

Makes 10 medium crapes


– 1 cup all-purpose flour

– 1/4 teaspoon brown sugar

– 1/4 teaspoon salt

– 2 eggs

– 1 cup cold milk

– 1 cup warm water

– 1 teaspoon organic vanilla sugar


Sift together flour, sugar and salt, set aside. In a large bowl, beat eggs, water and milk together with an electric mixer. Beat in flour mixture until smooth without flour crumbs.

Heat a lightly oiled medium size non stick frying pan over medium high heat. Scoop the batter onto the pan, using approximately 2 tablespoons for each crepe.

Tip and rotate pan to spread batter as thinly as possible. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

Lately I started to make my own jam. Blueberries and strawberries are fantastic when made into jam and you know exactly what is inside. Fresh fruit, little sugar, touch of honey and patience for the right moment for the jam to be done, cooled and used in wonderful crepes.

Dust the crepes with powder sugar and serve with fresh fruit on the side.



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