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Banh Tieu (Hollow Bread)

By I So Hungry
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Banh Tieu / Hollow Bread

I was looking at this awesome foodie site by Ch3rri Blossom and oh my goodness she has a collection of really good Vietnamese desserts and sweets on there. I came across this sweet bread recipe called Banh Tieu or in English Hollow Bread. It is fried in oil producing puffs making the bread hollow and crunchy. When looking at her sweet bread photos it took me back a lot of childhood memories when I attended Vietnamese school on Saturday mornings. During our breaks there would be a little stall where students could buy Vietnamese breads, cakes and buns like Bánh bao or Tai Pao ?? (steamed pork bun) but I remember the hollow bread because it was so nice and sweet.

As you can see from the photo above, Ch3rri's hollow bread is 10 times as hollow and mine only produced little puffs since I was naughty - I didn't prove it for long enough and maybe I didn't roll the dough out the right way. But anyway it did turn out good and it turned out not overly sweet and was pretty crunchy! You have to be super careful not to leave the stove because they will burn! I walked away for a couple of seconds and the first two burned. Also you have to keep on moving the dough in the frying pan constantly so the dough will produce puffs. Thanks Ch3rri for that advice! It did work. (see the micro puff in the photo above? lol).

My hollow bread below. Turned out good but not hollow like Ch3rri's *tear drop*

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By I So Hungry (Visit website)

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