Homemade yogurt

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Using fresh milk/ pasteurized milk

4 cups of fresh whole milk/pasteurized milk (Full cream/Low Fat)
2 tbsp of yogurt starter (plain yogurt with live active culture)

Using Milk powder method

400ml of warm water (use 200ml hot water and mix with 200ml room temperature water)
8 table spoon (heaps) of milk powder (you can use low fat or full cream milk powder)
1.5 table spoon(heaps) of plain yogurt

Serving:550g yogurt


Step 1:

1. Bring the milk to about to boil and switch off once see bubble form.
2. Let the milk cool down to luke warm temperature and pour into into the milk in a sterile jam glass bottle/container.
3. Add yogurt starter into the milk and whisk to blend the yogurt.
4. Use towel to wrap and leave in warm place up to 8-10 hours to culture.
5. Temperatures between 37-45 degrees Celsius are ideal to incubate and culture the yogurt. (I place in oven)
6. The yogurt must be kept in the fridge when it is formed .

Step 2:

1. Scoop the milk powder into the warm water in a bottle and stir well
2. Add in the plain yogurt (as the starter)
3. Stir again until everything is smooth
4. Cover the bottle with the lid and wrap with a dry towel and keep in warm place
5. Place into oven for 8 to 12 hours.
6. Keep in fridge once yogurt is ready.
7. Serve cold.

Step 3:

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