Raffaello (coconut balls)

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Still capture the general taste and idea. These are probably the only dessert ever crave, and are, luckily, very easy to make.

  • Raffaello (Coconut Balls)
  • Raffaello (Coconut Balls), Photo 2
Recipe type: Dessert
Number of serving: 1 servings
Preparation time: 9 minutes
Cook time: 0 minutes
Ready in: 9 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy


- 125 ml or 1/2 cup water
- 250 g/9 oz butter or margarine
- 400 g/14 oz sugar
- 400 g/14 oz powdered milk
- 250 g/9 oz dried shredded coconut
- 100 g/4 oz toasted almonds or hazelnuts


Step 1:

Combine water, butter/margarine (margarine might work better because it has a less distinct flavor) and sugar in a pot and boil.

Step 2:

Turn off the heat, add the powdered milk and 200 g coconut (leave 50 g/2 oz for decoration) and stir them in.

Step 3:

If there are any lumps left, use a handheld mixer to break them. Leave in the refrigerator to cool.

Step 4:

Roll 1 inch balls with palms, placing an almond in the center of each ball, and then roll the balls in leftover shredded coconut.

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By Natasa

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5 / 5
Posted the 20/12/2012, 12:20

I usually prepare with my son from his age of 3 (nowadays 12). it´s very funny time and bonus is - everybody adore this raffaello balls !!!!

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5 / 5
Posted the 18/09/2012, 14:35

Sound so great, though I have a uestion: how can I change the recipe to use real milk instead of milk powder?

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5 / 5
Posted the 02/01/2013, 12:00

Hmmmmmm lukinjg delecious

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5 / 5
Posted the 25/05/2012, 19:23

Looks very delicious

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2 / 5
Posted the 04/12/2011, 00:44

I love it!!

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