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Eggless with fried

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Recipe Egg / Eggless Fried Rice

Egg / Eggless Fried Rice

1 vote
Typical Kerala Lunch ( ??? ) with rice and fish is what we prefer for lunch daily. I feel greatly relieved if some fish is there, as I found fish recipes to be easier than the veggies. Anyways we cant get fish[...]
Recipe Party Menu ? Easy Vegetable Fried Rice

Party Menu ? Easy Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetable fried rice with fresh yogurt Raita is what I count upon for a quick meal when unexpected guests arrive at home. There are countless ways this humble recipe can be prepared using various spice mixes and veggies to go in it. But[...]

Vietnamese Fried Rice (Eggless)!!

1 vote
I have a confession to make. I have neither visited Vietnam any time nor I have eaten at a Vietnamese restaurant. I have been to very few restaurants that are not Indian. I have nothing against other cuisines. But, I am very paranoid when it comes to[...]

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